Neck and Shoulder Pain

Chiropractor For Shoulder Pain: Severe neck and shoulder pain is most often caused due to lengthened postures, lifting excessively heavy weight objects and also due to minor accidents. The spinal cord and the neck of your body are always in regular states of stress and as a result of this the joints and muscles of your neck and shoulders become tired. This leads to the tightening of muscles in your neck and shoulders which eventually results in severe neck and shoulder pain. The greatest difficulty is that one cannot really rest these parts of the body because one continuously requires performing daily activities and rituals. This pain leads to severe headaches and your spinal cord may become stiff and sore. However with the help of a number of exercises this pain can be reduced and gradually cured.

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Spondylosis is a condition involving severe neck and shoulder pain. It is most common form of neck and shoulder pain and it may result in parenthesis or the weakening of limbs. Spondylosis is the result of regular strained pressure which occurs due to sitting on the computer for long hours, driving, excessive traveling and more. The most commonly utilized treatments to cure Spondylosis include physiotherapy, chiropractic and osteopathy practices.

Polynomial rheumatic which is commonly known as RPM is a syndrome which involves major stiffness and severe neck and shoulder pain. This pain can be sudden or can occur over a gradual span of time. Its symptoms include fatigue and low appetite, anemia, illness, low fever and major neck stiffness. The treatment duration for RPM is often greater than one year and the methods include oral contortionists and the using of the prisoner drug. Besides this the patients suffering from RPM are also advised to engage themselves in regular exercise to maintain a healthy life and routine.

The doctors often advise the various exercises to avoid such severe neck and shoulder pain and these include:

  • You must permit the muscles and the joints in your neck and shoulders to move freely.
  • Try and relax the tight and stiff muscles in your neck and shoulders.
  • Remove and reduce the regular strains on your neck and shoulders.
  • Relief from such severe neck and shoulder pain can be achieved through methods like acupuncture, ice/heat techniques and anti—inflammatory methods.

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Causes of Severe Neck and Shoulder Pain:

A broken collarbone which often occurs due to cycles falling off their bicycles can result in major neck and shoulder pain. People suffering from regular heart attacks are very vulnerable to severe neck and shoulder pain. Weakness in your shoulders, numbness of the muscles in your neck, stiffness of your back, swellings in the joints of your neck and shoulders are various symptoms which may cause such pain in your neck and shoulders. If these symptoms happen to become worse or if the pain increases one must go and check with the doctor for medical aid. In many cases pain in your shoulders and neck reduces on its own and heals itself however if you develop severe illness, major headaches, nausea, dizziness, lack of breath etc. you should definitely ask for medical help.

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